Bai-Ulgan vs. Erlik Picture

A manipulation trying to simulate Gods of Turkic mythology; Bai-Ulgan vs. Erlik...

Images Used:

Man With Arrow : [link]
Steppe [link] by wurzi [link]
Bear 2 [link] by Lakela [link]
Bear 1 [link] by djkb [link]
Gray Wolf 7 [link] by SalsolaStock [link]
CLOUDY SKY STOCK II [link] by ArwenArts [link]
Cloudy blue sky [link] by CathleenTarawhiti [link]
Stars Background [link] by fantmayo [link]
Bright Sky 5 - Into the sun [link] by photohouse [link]
Arrow [link] by Artemis-Stock [link]
Horseback Archer 15 [link] by syccas-stock [link]
Horse5 [link] by achatinastock [link]
Daughter of Rohan 11 [link] by syccas-stock [link]
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