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Sorry for not submitting anything decent lately guys, I've been playing around with some styles and such but none of them are decent enough to show on here orz;

The other thing I've been doing though is reading! 8D One of the books I finished a while ago being Rick Riordan's latest release 'The Kane Chronicles :: The Red Pyramid.'

Before anyone says anything, yes I'm aware I'm reading what is classified as a 'children's book,' does this stop me from fangasming all over it? FF HELL NO. I became a fan of Rick Riordan when I got hooked into the Percy Jackson series a while back (you can expect fanart of that sometime soon too ovo d ) and when I heard he was releasing a new series on 'EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY' I gasmed.

So here's my take on the characters of 'The Kane Chronicles,' with a few scenes from the book. I quite obviously edited/revamped their egyptian outfits to my liking since I can't stand boring outfits;;;
Nothing spoilerific so even people who haven't read the book can look (BUT PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK SHOULD READ IT NOW. o V o )

K I'll shut up now.

All characters above © Rick Riordan
All art above ©
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