Artemis color key Picture

[link] Link to Artemis in Slayers garb and 3/4 view.

Just a self-reference and a reference to a few people who have asked for one: my Slayers/sometimes Inuyasha OC Artemis Lycaon in semi-feudal-Japanese attire, roughly and quickly colored for people's information.

In Slayers Artemis is a shaman priestess who specializes in wind spells and is an excellent archer. More importantly she is a protector of children in the territory around her priesthood's temple. She has spiritual powers over the minds of wolves, dogs, and deer, and can create complicated illusions in the minds of weak-willed humans. In Inuyasha she is basically the same thing with all the same powers, only with relationships translated to suit the fandom. In Slayers she has no significant romance but has a mutual respect and friendship of sorts with the mazoku Xelloss Metallium, and is best friends with
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