Artemis WIP Picture

New WIP series. WARNING: Ref photos are nudes, please don't click on the links if that's not suitable for your taste or situation (like if you're at work
This was begun as an anatomy study and has progressed into something I think will be worth putting more time into.

Anatomy ref from [link]
Skydancers' stock is so beautiful and unique in that you can actually find work here suitable for anatomy studies AND it has natural lighting. Ain't that sweet?
I was so taken by this model, to me her form is classically beautiful, lovely skin tones.

Only prob is that I wanted to put my hand under her chin and say "please, hon, lift your head up!" Which wouldn't have been practical for where she was walking lol.

So I found this, with similar lighting and from a similar angle, to use for the form of the head and neck, though I've changed my work somewhat from the original ref: [link]

No ref for the background, including the foliage or water, though I might have a look at some grecian ruins for the temple eventually.

For the hounds I've studied several types of ancient dog that still survive, especially the cretan hound...looking for something that would be similar to the type hunting dog you would find on an ancient Grecian urn. I not only want a dog that is a similar form to the ancient hunting dog, but also of the type that is called 'pariah dog', in that it has developed with little intervention from humans (examples would be the besenji, thai ridgeback, dingo, etc). Artemis is the goddess of wild animals, I doubt she'd hunt with a overly human bred type beast
Critique and comments are encouraged.
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