Lord Angelous Ten'oh - Reference Sheet Picture

This is my reference sheet for Angelous. Here is his info:
Name: Angelous Arrow Ten'oh
Age: 30
Hair: Pale Blue
Eyes: Crimson
Family: Haruka Ten'on (Mother) Michelle (Auntie) Trista (auntie) Tarjas Ten'oh (Father) Alexander, Jace, And Axel (Brothers) Celestial (Baby Sister)
Guardian Wolf: Aries
Likes: Spending time with Celestial and His girl , mythology, Riding and hunting
Dislikes: Loud girls (Mina and Serena) anyone hurting his sister and girlfriend (Crystal) spicy food,
Hobbies: Writing poetry and Sparing (Fight) with his brothers and grandfathers
Favorite Classes: PE, English
Average Classes: None
Dream: To get married to his only one princess (Crystal)
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