Chester The RamRat Picture

This is what I was actually drawing when I was looking around on how to draw hands. This is Chester the RamRat. Yes his name is exactly what it says RamRat, Half Ram Half Rat. I thought of the RamRat idea when I was thinking about the Western and Eastern Zodiacs when I was trying to go to bed then I thought of both of mine for both Zodiacs and voila, RamRat was born. When I was half way finished with drawing him I finally thought of the name Chester. I know I kind of messed up on his hand facing down. Once I finished his pants I was at a loss for drawing his shoes, didn't know how to draw them so he's stuck with those shoes until I can figure out something else. The two things floating above his hand is fire and water. An Aries, a Ram, element is fire and the Rat's element is water. I decided to give him power over both and I haven't exactly thought of a color scheme for him. His bio however I've sort of got that thought out. Compared to the first time I tried to draw anthro, this is a big improvement in my opinon.

First attempt at anthro:…

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