Semi-realism practice 01 Picture

Semi-realism practice 01
This is one of my oc from my story called Lagenda. Well actually this oc design belong to my nephew. I just redraw him and change him a little bit.

Lagenda is a story about a group of university student went for holiday on their semester break but end up in the place that never exist on their map. Mostly the story will be a twisted version of a Malaysian mythology and legends.

Name: Ariq Bin Ahmad Ariffin
Age: 20 years old
likes: flirting with every girl, traveling, ditching people and bullying his twin brother Haris.
Dislikes: being less popular than his friend especially with Haziq and a rude guy.
Aris is a gentleman guy toward every lady in the world.( i guess) He pretty much lazy when it come to assignment which he alway ditch it to his partner. Luckily, he managed to keep a good pointer for every semester. Only one thing he likes to do on his past time is flirting with every(yes every) lady any where he can find. When it comes to lady, he easily jealous with his best friend Haziq because he be able to attract many woman without any effort(flirting). He also being chase by a group of women who he use to flirt with.

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