The Archestrategos Picture

The Archangel Michael in human form, ready to strike down the enemies of Christendom.

Yet again another character portrait for a tabletop game, this one is for a particular one with a very Supernatural vibe to it. While this guy is really powerful, he's still in human form, so other than his force of will, he is subject to every limitation the human body has. I can also thank his likeness to that of Jared Leto, who tends to be my Go-To Guy for character portraits and references.

The setting has a rather interesting interpretation of religion as well. Whenever a particular religion becomes powerful enough, everything within it's mythology had happened somewhere in the past. When Christianity took off, the War in Heaven "replaced" Zeus' usurping of Cronus. Sometimes two religions can exist together, albeit not always peacefully. In fact, by the time the game takes place (modern day), Christianity has been on a thousand-year campaign to destroy every trace of other religions, but has finally begun to collapse under it's own weight. To this end, Heaven sends it's greatest agent, Michael, who was once Aries a lifetime before. This has not been the first time Michael has been sent to Earth, indeed, last time he had inhabited the body of Joan of Arc many years before, only for his mission to end in failure.

Anyway, I know it's not perfect, but I can't seem to pick out why. Critique is greatly appreciated. I'd love to know how to make this better.
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