Comic practice #2 Picture

This is Aries which is who Seira is model after. In the series everyone has a twin in the sense but they are the exact opposite. I have to say I really don't like this drawing but it's the first practice concept for her. I used a base (which if any one knows this base please let me know so I can link them because I forgot) but I ended up drawing in the base style rather than my own so the character really doesn't look much like I wanted...I just noticed I forgot a buckle on the belt...and so I drew different eyes and stuff. I've used bases before on art work and I find I really dislike them. I think I'll go back to referencing poses in DC comics and detailed mangas because I really like those styles and dislike this style I drew. I want to be able to draw more like those other styles but with my own style incorporated.

As for the character she is my second favorite because she's a little crazy but really fun mixed with a lot of strength. She is very very bad ass which is why I'm sooooo disappointed with this drawing because she looks 12 and like a 12 year old has drawn it but again it's one of the first drawings I've done of her. I really was debating even posting it but then I thought it might interest some people. I do like her hair thought but it still needs improvement as it's not sitting right.

I do kind of like how she looks like an Egyptian drawing though. XD Because the series follows Egyptian mythology quite a bit.
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