Utsuyuki Picture

Full name: Utsuko Yukiyama
Alignment: Good

This is among the various characters I have on my copy of Soul Calibur IV. As her name and appearance suggests, she's supposed to be a Yuki-onna, my favorite Japanese mythological character, while at the same time appealing to me due to her dark hair and glasses.

The fighting style she has in Soul Calibur IV is Ivy's, which, admittedly, I'm not very good at, but Ivy's version of Soul Calibur looks very icy and fitting for her.

She probably won't appear in The Hiroto Show that often, since I've already got a both a glasses-wearing girl and a snow girl in there... but, certainly, I do draw her occasionally.

Personality notes: Thanks to the fact that you really can't give Soul Calibur Characters too much personality, since there are only six voices for each sex. Her voice, admittedly, is the perverted voice (Which, actually, I give to a lot of my characters. =w= )
She can be kind and caring at times, though a bit narcissistic. Also, she doesn't mind perverts, but doesn't really enjoy them, either. Still, there are times when she can willingly be a bit... yeah.
Also, she's supposedly about 18 years old, making her about a year older than me. She's still got some cute, youthful energy inside her, and since youkai don't age nearly as fast as humans, she'll undoubtedly keep that youthfulness for a while.
She's a bit intellectual, as well, and talented in the art of ice sculpting.

Her ice powers can't really be used in Soul Calibur, but let's just say that she's fairly powerful. She can actually withstand being outside on a warm summer's day, for about an hour or two, anyway.

Like I said, she's not really going to be in the comics, since we've already got two characters that she seems to be a mix of. She was also created quite a while before Ari even came into my mind. Which means... Ari is the odd one.

Oh, and she's also kinda good in SCIV, as well. Fairly decent stats. Like most characters I have, more attack-focused than the other stats. Actually, I don't have her stats on-hand.
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