She's not threatening. Picture

As a character, Ari hasn't had much development, so she's a bit hard to explain. I've said in various other pictures that she's rather intelligent, if a bit unreliable and lazy, and also a nice person once you break the hard outer shell.

She's 3/4 Japanese, and has a slight British accent, due to her upbringing. Why she bothers staying with me in America, like the rest of the characters I have, I really can't tell.

So, she can get a bit angry at times, certainly, but she's not going to just flatten any random passerby with a steel pipe or something. It does take a bit of time to get on her bad side, though once you do, you have to be careful, and watch your step.

I've said before that she can drain peoples' life energy, via kissing. Actually, a bit of a rare occurrence for a succubus, she's a virgin; she's actually somewhat afraid of getting into a sexual relationship, and finding out that she doesn't know what she's doing. Everyone has their own versions of various myths and monsters, and Ari's pretty much my version. A bit of humanity, a bit of adolescent fear in her character design. Everyone's version of a mythological character is going to be different, especially when we want to try to get to character development.

I should give her more personality one of these days. Not just having her angry, but rather showing various other emotions, as well. She's actually been bothering Miyari for lessons on "how to be cute", so maybe I'll show that.

I like her, I really do, I've just got to make her a more likeable character in the process. Even tsundere characters can be cute at times! She's just not the obvious cute of Miyari, who is moe incarnate.

Now, I need to draw a few more characters and develop on them a bit more...
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