Mizuki's pajamas Picture

Personally, I like Mizuki. For starters, I always liked the idea behind the yuki-onna myths. Out of all the mythological beings out there, I think I'd want to get married to a yuki-onna. After all, a beautiful Japanese girl who likes winter as much as I do? Seems like a sweet deal.

So, Mizuki's pajamas are just simple sleep pants and an old T-shirt, usually a band T-shirt. She has an Incubus shirt somewhere that she likes to wear. She's usually not too bad at night, not like Ari, who usually has me paranoid about her... sexual activeness. It's just that, during the times Mizuki spends a night over, she usually keeps the room rather cold while she sleeps. While this has its advantages, like a nice, cool pillow, it also can be... a bit annoying.
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