Heat Transfer Sigil - 'Ymir and Surtr' Picture

The core concept of this one has elements from notshurly's Circles (Him being a great source of inspiration to me). The basic idea behind this one is that it "Sucks in" heat from one end and "Blasts out" heat from another. Sulphur and Oil are used to create flames with the use of heat to ignite them, with aid from the Oxidation (Aries sign) present in the Triangle. the Sublimation Sigil (Libra) is used to turn the oil and sulphur to gas, easing the ignition process and making it possible to use the burst of flame as a weapon. The symbol in the centre is "Alchemy", and the whirling pattern around them is a sort of "Stirring" arrangement.

For those who don't know, Ymir and Surtr were Giants in Norse Mythology, Ymir being one of the first Ice Giants, and Surtr being a Fire giant who razed the world at ragnarok using the divine weapon "Laevateinn".
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