New Fantroll Aka This Ref Sucks Ass Picture

allaen plumes
knight of heart
birdkind or clawkind
olive blood
sign is neptunes sign
(starts writing with (caw) and capitalizes all letters in bird also... um.. stutters a lot,,, tends to double ! and ?'s,, example..) (caw) um,,, thIs sentence probably looks stupId..
land of feathers and birds
he is friendly to friends but suffers social anxiety. he has a hard time trusting other people and tend to like doing things on his own. yet he is pretty awkward around people . smiles and giggles a lot, which he is kind of ashamed of. he has a companion bird called Ari, she also acts as a ''weapon'' ( birdkind) he can make her attack things using commands. he likes stories and mythology
he can be laughing one secound and the other he acts quiet, but this is not bipolar omg its just something because i have it so dont tell me its cliche ok,,, and obviously hes obsessed with birds

god i shall draw him better next time
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