Soul of Silver Picture

I honor of Pokemon Soul Silver (where I recently caught Lugia, yay me) I unintentionally made a new Pokemon trainer character that I grew to adore. Here he is! Xelkyl! *fanfare* lul.

This will be VERY LONG....

Anyway, the two people in the picture are actually the same person, just at two different times. On the left is Xelkyl as a trainer, before Lake of Rage. I was really lazy and franky I liked the outfit in the game so he kept it. See that thing on his head? That's Stripe the Furret. I know, I know, that's not the real coloring of Furrets, Stripe's a mutant. He's referred to as the Reverse Furret by Prof. Elm, most adults, and Team Rocket (who refer to Xelkyl as 'Kid with Furret'). The rest of his team at the time consisted of Sakura the Bayleef, Aries the Flaaffy, Aquila the Pidgeotto, Crow the Eevee, and Jormungand the Arbok.

Now just some things about his Pokemon before we get back to Xel. Aries is really shy, she's always seen hiding behind Xel when they meet people. He's tried to get her to open up the the only one she isn't shy around is Xel. She really likes to be pet. Jormungand (yes from Norse mythology), is a lazy bum who always seems to be sleeping. When pestered to do something, he tends to react violently whether its to an opponent or Xel himself.
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