Zodiac Cards Picture

First uni brief of this year. Two greetings cards, each based on one zodiac sign, one's gotta be your own and they've got to be clearly part of a series. And, JOY OF JOYS, we didn't have to use any computer at all!

I ended up doing so, as you see, because I ran out of damn time. Because: first week back NO ONE TOLD ME we were back, and then I was super ill for two and a half weeks or so.

But! This is the start of my series. I'm gonna do'em ALL, i'll add them as they get done. And then I think I may try to sell'em.

Here you see: Capricorn (unfinished) above, Aries (mine) below.

Mad tradgedy-science in tubes (I admit it, I was totally thinking of the first Pokemon movie when I was doing it)! Hurray! I'm fond of old *creepy* horror where grown-ups get sad and hide in old castles, I'm fond of the scienc-y bits in Castlevania, I'm fond of well-groomed giant moustaches, I'm fond of goggles and wild hair. I'm fond of mythology, and mixing mythology, which is why Capricorn there's got a demon to his right, and two more coming on his left. You get points if you can name it.

Aries is pretty much just a sheep in a laser-blastin' battle-harness. On wheels. Being allowed to do what you want in AWESOME.

(there was no target audience SET for this brief, see. that was the other joy of joys.)

I've got Virgo almost done, she's a fine lady in an outfit based on a victorian bathing suit, with a parasol and a fifties-style laser-gun and cornrows in her hair (because virgo *has* corn; she was a mesopotamian goddess of, amongst other things, fertility).

My tutor said in the feedback with my grade (C, as unfinished) that I should think about using a wider colour scheme if I choose to continue the set, and do you know? I think he's right.

: O

(Done with fineliners, black marker, and inks-n-brushes for the colours)
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