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My fan trolls. Can you please help me name them?

1. Name: ?????? ??????
Gender: Male
Blood color: Pink
Species: Sea dweller troll
Title: Mage of Time
Sign: Aries
Personality: Adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, impulsive, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic, quick witted, selfish, quick tempered, foolhardy, daredevilish.
Interests: Collectables and knick knacks, most enjoys music boxes and musical intrests and is determinded to learn all of them even though he is still terrible at playing the ones he can play, is teaching ??????(Red blood) how to swim, loves to water and the land equally, loves to gloat about how high he is on the hemospectrum, likes old fasioned things and mythological stories. He also has a passion for really hardcore and realistic FLARP and has ingured several of his friends during it.
Typing Quirk: TYPeS_LiKe_THiS-
Types in all caps except vowels. Replaces space with _ and . with -
Quadrants: Morials with (Violet blood)
Unrequited flushed feelings for (Violet blood)
Unrequited pale/flushed feelings for (Red blood)?
Kismesis with (Orange blood) after he blew her arm off.
2. Name: ?????? ??????
Gender: Female
Blood Color: Violet
Species: Sea dweller troll
Title: Maid of Breath
Sign: Tauros
Personality: Patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determinded, placid, security loving, jealous, possesive, resentful, greedy.
Intrests: Enjoys making clothes for her friends but enjoys making them wepons even more, Any suggestions?
Typing Quirk: *happily*
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