For SCIENCE Picture

Ker: "Uh... I'm, um, nineteen."
Ari: "Liar! I'm nineteen."
(she's 23)

Occupation: Currently self-employed
--Builds/repairs machinery

Ari: "SCIENCE. Geeky things, basically."

--Family: Mother, father, younger brother (same age as Ari)
--Friends: Fallon, Maeve
--Significant other: Ari

Other stuff
-Favorite food: Bread
-Has a dog named Bread and a cat that she calls Meat
Ari: "Stop calling her that!"
-Why is her name Kerberos? I don't know, ask her mom. She likes mythology. Ker's brother is named after a mythological canine creature too. It's easy to guess.
-Height: 5'7" - 5'8" ish
-Studied at one of the top science academies
-Later becomes one of the most influential inventors around

I made myself sit down and finish drawing something.
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