Jack Tyr Picture

Jack Tyr; Jack Tyr is my embodiment of my unbridled rage for all of the evils, in the world. But more than that, Jack also represents how this rage can sometimes take you over, bring you to a place you never thought was possible, and lose yourself in it. Yes, Jack Tyr is my metaphor for all the Hell I've been through, in my own life. But what about the character, himself? Plot-wise... I'm not saying anything, yet. But here are some tidbits about the piece; "Tyr" is one of the oldest Norse gods, who is represented by the rune that represents courage, and war. Jack is also an Aries, who also represents war, and his enchanted weapons are Rage (uzi), and Phoenix (sword). Because of his demonic strength, Jack can wield both weapons at once, and he has no need to use both hands for his sword. Which allows him to perform some pretty wicked combos with both gun and sword! He can also cast a number of spells, like the Phoenix you see rising from his sword! Plot-wise, I will say this; Jack Tyr is a very complicated, and extremely powerful character. But what is he? Is he a full blown demon? Is he a half demon / half human hybrid, like Dante? Or is he something else? I will say this; Jack Tyr sold his soul to Lucifer for all the powers of Hell. And while Lucifer has his soul, he does NOT have his heart. So in essence, Jack is "something else". Something never seen before; Not demon, not human, and not a half-breed. Simply-put, he is "walking fury". And why did Jack do this? To seek vengeance upon the vampires that turned Phoenix into a vampire, ultimately driving her crazy, causing her to commit suicide after biting Jack, herself! And when Jack was left to himself, slowly driven mad by both the vampirism, and the trauma of losing it all... He decided to cast a very powerful and ancient spell, beseeching the Lord of Darkness. And for those of you who assume that Jack Tyr is an enemy of The Avatar, this couldn't be further from the truth! They do run into eachother, and have an epic battle, but... It ends in a stalemate, and The Avatar convinces Jack to forget about the vampires, and join him on his hunt for Lucifer, himself! For Jack Tyr, we have a track from Nine Inch Nails... Enjoy! [link] . This concept has a copyright. Drew Henry, CEO/Owner of AvatarINK Studios [link]
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