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These are my Cancer and Taurus Gold Saints; Cancer Lem and Taurus Europea (Rosalina). Their characters in my stories; Saint Mythology: Rainbow Wings [Tsubasa no Niji], and Saint Mythology: Titan G-Mix.

Cancer Lem is the older brother of Aries Mu and Ria, and eldest son of Fromer Sagittarius Midoriko. He's a descendant of the fallen continent, Lemuria, and known as Reaper of the Sanctuary. In his past he was seen as a monster or devil since he had the ability to take and swallow the souls of people and he could talk to the dead. Due to that reason, he was locked up in a cage, or cell since before Mu and Ria were born. Midoriko protested, but she was being considered unfair to the other prisoners with bad power, and demon abilities. To help his mother, he let himself be locked up. Because of that he has very bad eyesight, and is very sensetive to light, he rarely eats, and his skin is very pale. His first friends were, Leo Lei Fang and Taurus Europea. He carries a long sythe with him everywhere he goes, and only uses it to protect someone.

Taurus Europea, real name Rosalina, is the eldest of all the Goldesses. She's the main spirit of the Gold Saints, fooling around, and playing with people. She's a bit free-spirited and flirty when it comes to adorable men. She considers herself a "half-sadist", because she likes to see people suffer, but not if their children or someone she cares for. She's like that, because her parents were killed in random violence and she felt the world deserved no mercy or concern. But Former Sagittarius Midoriko showed her not all people are evil and that some people deserve a lot of mercy and help. She's has a love intrest in Cancer Lem. When she started her new life in the Sanctuary in the Sky, and changed her name to Europea.
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