Red Rubies Picture

I wanted to inttoduce my Gold Saint's more properly, in this picture is Sagittarius Xiaoyu, and Aries Mu. Their in my story Saint Mythology: Rainbow Wings [Tsubasa no Niji], an alternate/remade version of Saint Seiya Episode G. Their also in another story called, Saint Mythology: Titan G-Mix, but it's a little more like episode [art wise, and the characters]. The Goldmen and Goldesses are organized in groups of two named after the jewels on their cloth. Sagittarius and Aries are the Rubies.

Sagittarius Xiaoyu is the older sister of Leo Lei Fang, and disciple of Sagittarius Midoriko. She died at age 21 when she was killed my Ares Akakios, the brother of her husband, Zolios. She was labled a traitor when she left the Sanctuary in the Sky to get Lei Fang to safety. Using her ability of rejuvenation and ressurection she puts her soul in a dead lion and watches Lei Fang as her pet lion, Huang.

Aries Mu is the younger brother of Cancer Lem, and older brother of Ria. He's a descendant of the fallen continent Lemuria. He's either a distant cousin, or twin brother of the original Mu [I haven't decided], but he takes residence in the Sanctuary in the Sky on Mt. Olympus. He's mother is Former Sagittarius Midoriko. He's the youngest of the 6 Goldmen, and has the ability to heal clothes, like his cousin/or brother, Mu.

Sagittarius Xiaoyu (c) me
Aries Mu (c) Masami Kurumada
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