SD Fancharacter- The Demigod Picture

Ahahaha! Look! Another addition to my growing army of Salad Days fancharacters! This is Clarisse, a sophmore at WormWood High. Make fun of her name and she'll run you through with her Spear. She's a demigod, or a half-god. She's the daughter of Aries, the Greek god of War. As such, she has a terrible temper and is always in trouble. Very loud and vocal, she'll let you know when she's pissed off, which is the majority of the time. She also has a Spear of Flames, that will burn or completely incinerate whatever it touches, the intensity of the burn depends on what it's burning.

She is on the boy's lacrosse team, because she was too physical for the girl's team. She also plays percussion in band.
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