Scots-Goyle Picture

Well, nine times outta ten, Disney may rot your soul, but in rare cases, in rare exceptions...they put out something truly magnificent...

Such the case with Gargoyles!

Aries adored that show. Hell, when he was young and it was still on the air, every afternoon coming off from school, don't even THINK of bothering him until five, cuz' he's got his 'toons to watch!

And Gargoyles was one'a them. He caught nearly every episode, learned more about worldwide mythology than school would've dared to teach him.

But the story of Gargoyles always snagged with Aries.

In 994 AD, a clan of Gargoyles, protectors of the Castle Wyvern in Scotland...

>ANNNCK!!< Stop there! Hold it now! Time out!

The Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles were originally from Scotland, aye? So why isn't ANYBODY wearing a damned kilt?! The Scottish Gargoyles aren't wearing kilts! The Scottish people (and some of them had very good accents!) aren't wearing kilts! In fact, there's not a shred of plaid to be seen in the whole series!

Boo at Disney for lack of kilts!

And, as we can plainly see, Gargoyles, in fact, DO look good in kilts. Then again, anybody looks sexy as hell in Black Watch tartan and Pict tattoos.

This be just a random fellow, no name, no story, just a helluva treatment in Photoshop. Tell y'what, too, Aries's attempt at distorting that tartan worked extremely well for his first shot at it.

...Mmm...Black Watch...
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