Arius Whickam Picture

really had fun with this one!
for once i like the high lights on the hair *sigh*


Name: Arius Whickam
Nickname: Ari, Awww~ (the initials - A and W), Mr. A
Age: 23 (in a few weeks)
Date Of Birth: 2nd April
Height: 6'9'' / 206 cm
Weight: 194 lbs / 88 kg
Ethnicity: Greek
Spicies: Gigantes

more to be added on the actuall app.

and he's not as ... giant i guess, as his parents, he's the black sheep of the family, the shortest of them. ''short'', yeah |D almost 7' XD
anyway, the gigantes (greek mythology, aka giants) have snake tails. Ari's doesn't really show so he doesn't frighten sutedents, though he enjoys that every now and then too |D kidding. though he provokes at teases his students, just to get them to think. he's a teacher, history one to be exact.
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