The Ram Picture

Aries, the Ram who's reign is from 20 March – 20 April

Drawing based on these -

-Sign and Anatomy together- Aries' sign is the simple shape of a front view of a ram head and Aries body part is the Head, it is often said that Aries people are.....hard headed and jump into things head first~

- Mythology representative- The Ram. Used the horns

- Jewel/Gem/Stone - Aries' stone is the Bloodstone and also is one of March's birthstone which part of the Ram's reign. I used it for the choker.

-Color(s)- Aries' Colors are Red, Black and White


-Personalizes people associate with it (kinda-sort of)- Personalizes people associate the sign Aries' I used in mind while creating: Short tempered,Optimistic, Tough, Courageous,Impulsive,and Independent

Please the don't mind the disproportion-ness, I'm not good at that.

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