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Aegolius Harrisii - Buff fronted owl

The Harvest, The Festive, The blind eye

yep next planet and its probably one that most have not heard of its the dwarf planet (not making this up) Ceres. This took ages to do but I'm very pleased with it drawing all the grain separately was well worth it

-The Grain- ceres was the goddess in roman mythology of the harvest more specifically the goddess of grain crops

-The flowers- To celebrate ceres in ancient rome they would hold a 7 day festival in april

- Mice and fox- During the celebrations mentioned above caught foxes would have their tails set on fire and sent to run fleeing into the crops, this was meant to kill vermin ..i think we can all see the problems with this idea fire into dry crops oh well blame the romans who never seem to notice the down side to this.
anyway decided not to go down this route to far as its quite a grizzly ending so ended up with fox and mice helping with the festivities.

- ceres was also a aries planet and in some myths was thought to help the land get back to normal after mars wars

hope you guys like

(C) devon busby

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