Zodiac Warriors - 1 - Aries Picture

Mythology: In Greek myth, Aries was the ram that carried the twins Phrixus and Helle across eastern Europe; Helle fell into the straight between Asia and Europe (thereafter bearing her name, the Hellespont), while Phrixus continued on. In thanks, Phrixus sacrificed Aries to the gods, and hung the hide as a golden treasure, the Golden Fleece.

Weapon: The Warhammer, nothing more than a glorified pick, was a weapon initially developed for the sole purpose of a "battlefield canopener," the primary tool for fighting heavily armored troops, such as knights. With its small, long head coupled with the long haft, the force of its swing would easily enable the head to penetrate steel plate; instead of a flattened head or sharpened pick, however, the head was split and spread out, which enabled it do considerable damage to the plate, whiel at the same time tear open larger holes. It was also often used by knights when forced to do combat on foot and confronting other knights.

Piece: In Astrology, Aries is the impulsive initiator, the beginning, seldom completing works but always there hogging the spotlight when it's time for glory. He is therefore the center of attention ... not because he is worth it or noticed, but because he places himself in the 'fore any chance he gets. He wields two warhammers, simply because he's just that badass.

He's wearing leather for ease of movement, but it's sewn with steel plates for protection and flexibility; Aries despises being held down or pinned. A helm fashioned from a stylized ram's head is the only concession to the symbol of Aries, the Goat (in Babylonian myth, the constellation was depicted as a Shepherd), and it is missing a horn to symbolize the one that supposedly Zeus broke off to form the Cornocopeia (the "horn of plenty"). Thus Aries is imperfect, flawed, and desires to make up for its shortcomings by proving itself in the arena it desires; in this case, it's war.
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