Dementor..Wheaties? Picture

Uhm. A conversation with my friend Aries. XD (Aries-LT) Eheh. Ok. So we were talking about mythology.

Aries: I think Dementor was the Goddess of Wheaties or something.
Jemi: Dementor... Goddess of Wheaties? Aries: . .*LAUGHING UNCONTROLABLY*
Jemi: Don't you mean like... DEMETER? She was the Goddess of WHEAT. And wine or something.
Jemi and Aries both laugh for quite some time.

Yeh it was funny. XD I just had to do a pic. And I actually like it, quite a bit.

Aries(c) Aries-LT
Jemini(c) MWEEHEHE.
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