Aries Picture

Slight confusion with the name, but corrected it...

The third of the Zodia series. This is really something completely different. I've decided to make each of them in a different way, with a different style. This one was kind of a concept for me. I did the background, and some of the overlaying parts on the model, using only textures.

The picture partially refers to the mythology of the aries, but mostly it's my own fantasy.

Credits go to:

Model by ~La-Esmeralda-Stock [link]
Ram Horns by ~GdogvanDud [link]
Wings by *mariquasunbird1 [link]

Textures used:
~arghus [link]
~struckdumb [link]
*Sirius-sdz [link]
`Dan-Heffer [link]
~GloomWriter [link]
~Stock7000 [link]
~ArtOfDecay-Stock [link]
~Inthename-Stock [link]
*rockgem [link]
~nostradamamorgana [link]
~Ivette-Stock [link]
~Amor-Fati-Stock [link]
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