New Comic Idea Pt2 Picture

Here's the rest of the band.

Kaimana(Kai)~ Instrument:lead guitar
fav music genre: punk, all kinds
Brief Bio: Kaimana is Oliver's cousin. Her father and his mother are siblings. Her parents met when her Father was stationed in Hawaii while in the navy. Her mother died in childbirth, so she was given her name. She always keeps an eye out for her little cousin, and tries to convince him he's worth more than he thinks. Kai has always been in school with Linus, and can not stand him. She thinks he's an idiot, and hat he flaunts his families wealth.

Linus~ Instrument:Keyboard
fav music genre:classical
Brief Bio: Linus comes from a very rich family, and he's not ashamed of it. In face, he believes that since he has the extra money, he might as well pay for whatever is needed. Being a bit of an airhead, he doesn't realize that this comes off as showy. He actually has a good heart, he's just been a bit sheltered. Linus is bound and determined to impress Kaimana one day.

Here's why I choose the names:
Sebastian: (english, german, polish, finnish) he name of a Christian saint who was murdered fwhen his religion preference was discovered. Even if he's not very confident, when it comes to something he believe in, Bastian won't back down.
Oliver: (english) It comes from a word meaning 'elf army' Oliver has softer features than most guys, a bit more feminine, like and elf. It also comes from the latin word for olive tree. Oliver does not enjoy conflict, he tries to avoid it himself, and to stop it when it shows up.
Jules: (french) names after the novelist Jules Verne. He writes most of the lyrics along with Bastian. Very talented with words.
Kaimana: (Hawaiian) Means 'power of the ocean', and is the trasulation of diamond. She's a strong girl, and can be rather cold, especially to those she doesnt know.
Linus: (greek mythology) Linus was the son of the god Apollo who was the god of music. Linus is a very talented musician, and he tends to learn new music very fast.
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