Will You Be My Valentine? Picture

Yup. Finally got my Valentine's pic up. I couldn't get it into PS yesterday like I wanted to...I got sick. Again. And I'm still recovering but gues what? I went to the doc. this morning and I'm not positive for the flue or strep! AGAIN.

So, yeah. Fortunately, though, this anti-biotic that I'm gonna get will, hopefully, help me get better faster. Missed three days of school last week and I ain't gonna miss any more than two this week! Becasue, there's hell of alot of make-up work I have to do....

Erm, okay, moving on...The picture...Yeeeaaaah...I didn't want to shade. I'm sick and tired and I didn't want to have to shade. Also, HOORAY FOR gay-ass BACKGROUNDS!!!
Yeah. No. No background for you. Instead you get gay-assness. But, uh, on the bright side, you get wonderful Twins of Justice love. Well...Artemis could care less about this holiday...But! Apollo is ALL for it!!!

So, I hope you've enjoyed this aaaannnd I'll see you on the flip side.

Artemis and Apollo belong to ME. (Well...the whole Mythology on them doesn't belong to me...Just these versions of them do.) No stealing, please and thank you.

Also, I would love it if ya'll full veiwed this. I'm happy with it and it looks so much better full veiwed. Plzthanku.
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