Clock nymph Picture

An idea I've had for a while. It came from an image in a book about greek mythology, where a nymph is running away from an over-amorous god (I think it might be Apollo), and her father turns her into a tree so she doesn't get molested, and there's this picture of her, and her arms are like branches or her branches are like arms, and her thighs are like a trunk or her trunk is like thighs and her hair is like leaves or her leaves are like hair, and it's like this split second of uncertanty as everything changes. And I've started to wonder if that can't be done with a clock.

I've failed on this attempt. It looks a lot like she's trapped in the clock, but not anything like she and it are the same thing (my mother even said "Why is that girl in a can of sardines). I need to make it thinner and more organic. And also, since she's wearing a showercap, here's my long-awaited excuse to go art-deco. So I'm going to try again. Any tips anyone could give will be gratefully accepted.
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