The Dark Third Picture

It is a reaction piece to the album "The Dark Third". This marks my second occurrence of the Blooderflies and was the birth of the Ambassadors of Morning characters who are meant as a representation of the dawning of reason via the concept of Apollo in Greek mythology. The background consists of the albums lyrics and the women is meant to be Cloe Alper, one of the bands vocalists, as well as the woman the album is partly about. Love, Death, and Time recur here as well being the primary antagonists to the human mind. The lyrics "I crammed in a thousand hours to fight with the shady quicksilver moon" are what brought the Gate into this painting as well. The Gate reigns overhead like the moon spewing torturous philosophical questions to draw one into the madness of the Void. Although it's a far abstraction, I've crammed in a thousand hours to fight with that shady quicksilver moon. Over all the album tries to tell the story of her second life in the world of dreams and this painting is just an exposition of mine influenced by the album.
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