Greek Princesss Cassandra Picture

"After Cassandra in Greek mythology who received the gift of prophecy but was later cursed never to be believed

Cassandra was the daughter of the Trojan king Priam and Hecuba. Apollo, the god of light, who also controlled the fine arts, music and eloquence, granted her the ability to see the future. But when she didn't return his love, he condemned her never to be believed. Among other things, Cassandra warned about the Trojan horse that the Greeks left but her warning was ignored. "

Basically Cassandra was Apollo's whore? lets say. what i think it was. and she refused to be with him anymore so of course he got angry like the jerk he is and put a curse on her.
I chose to do this, not only because she has the same name as i do. but because the whole story represent most of my life, or how it was.

I really hope you guys like it, took me quite awhile, i changed it green because one of my friends splattered it with green paint lol ooops, but i think it turned out well. i'm sorry bout the picture, it was blurry so i'll have to fix it some how but the time being i'd love to hear some of your critiques.
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