Theme 014 Regret Kyparissus Picture

This didn't turn out as dark as I would have liked, but I feel there is a certain irony about a regret peice showing a sunny day. And in the myth, it did occur on a sunny day. The hottest of July infact. If you havn't heard of Kyparissus, then you can either look him up or read my summary:

There was once a, I believe Trojan, boy, Kyparissus, who was well loved my Apollo. The boy loved to play with a local stag, which was gentle and tame. So, Apollo gave the stag to the boy. Well, on the hottest day of July, the stag was in a feild and laid down behind a bush. Kyparissus was hunting and shot it, killing the poor thing. He was so distraught that Apollo changed him into a tree to end his suffering. He was turned into a cypress tree.

I found his story while researching Hyacinthus, Apollo's more well known boy lover. I had some question as to whether this should be posted in fantasy or people, but chose people because there's no surreal or paranormal elements here. Hope you like it.
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