Diana Picture

I have recently tried my hand at oil painting; I want to improve my skills at non-digital artwork. Unfortunately, the photograph doesn't capture the details of the painting very well, but at least it shows the basic composition of the work.

My experimentation with this painting has taught me the value of patience, at least where oils are concerned. Unlike with other media (pen and ink, Photoshop, pastels), where one can work at any speed without difficulties, oil painting requires pacing as you wait long periods for a layer of paint to dry. I can see several advantages to the medium, but it will take some getting used to.

The subject is, of course, the Greek and Roman goddess of the moon, Diana (or Artemis, if you prefer). I was excited to find an oval-shaped canvas, which lent itself well to the composition, which (obviously) made heavy use of curves. While I see room for improvement, I like the interplay of curved shapes and the contrast between the greenish moon, light orange skin, and deep blue sky.

Fittingly enough, this painting is currently hanging over my bed. Also, since I have a second oval canvas, I would like to create a companion painting of Apollo at some point.
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