Sketch Dump 03 Picture

I needed to submit something. This is what I've been up to since I went on hiatus about a month or two ago.

...Well, some of it's more recent. The rest is either ancient or a running gag from school.


-1- Swords and Shields WIP
This is a WIP for my fifth installment for my Fire Emblem 100 Theme Challange. I need to get back in the grove for doing one a week, so I plan to have this sketch done by Sunday. This also may double as a request for *Falchion1984, but I haven't decided yet because I believe it may be unfair to use it for two things. This was also an excuse to show my drawing process! Crappy blue sketch, color palats, then outlines! Always leave the face and major details like designs on shields for last, that's how I roll! Then a background.

-2- Oracle, Predict Our Test Grades!
An on-running gag in my Mythology class that I took on the side. No one ever took me seriously in that class, except when I didn't want them to. An oracle named Cassandra from The Iliad had the same problem I did--no one ever listened to her. That's when someone deemed that I was an oracle, and that people must ask me questions on a daily basis because I had obviously been blessed by Apollo. This drawing sufficed, and was basically designed to resemble a painting of an oracle on the internet. I got extra credit for doing this in class, using my tablet to show everyone. I got pretty darned close. Extremely close. Almost right on the ball.

-3 & 4- Busts of Orphanous and Patroclus
Head sketches of a short story I was working on. There should've been an Achilles in there someone, but I never got around to drawing him.

-5- Original Sketches of Truth and Death
Just like the title says, it's a sketchy thing I drew when I was bored. These two are also from a story I never got around to drawing.

-6- I CHOOSE YOU--Wait.
When Pokemon Black/White came out, I drew these. I'm in the middle, and two of my friends who play Pokemon with me on the left and right. We always take a different starter Pokemon from the other two, so we're kind of like rivals. I ended up with a Snivy, this time.
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