Apollon Picture

Posted to "fantasy" for lack of a "Religious" category under "Traditional --> Paintings".

I think I might petition deviantFART higher-ups about that.

so, Ok.

There are a large number of reasons that this looks as bad as it does:

1) This is a painting, not a digital art-thing.

2) The photograph I look looked terrible, so I decided to scan it.

3) I have a 9"x11" flatbed scanner. This is an 8"x24" painting. I had to scan it in sections and piece together the sections in PhotoShop6.

4) I'm impatient about posting this to deviantFART, so I probably didn't piece these together as well as I could have. Hell, I'm impressed with how well I *did* end up doing this. For serious.

5) As I've mentioned in the comments on other deviations, my scanner is kind of cheap. Not only is it cheap, I got it used off of somebody from Craig's List. Not that used electronics are somehow all *bad*, mind you, but it's not like people typically giving away working scanners over the Internet just to be nice.
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