Luna sketch Picture

A quick sketch I did... will scrap later.

This is Luna, the moon goddess. She's one of the main characters in a concept I'm working on. It is actually not entirely my idea, since I came up with it while nannying (the kids I nanny are brilliantly imaginative). Anyway, we invented this game that is pretty much gods and goddesses going to normal high school… it’s a lot of fun XD

Anyway, this is Luna, the moon goddess. She is a senior and was 'my character'. She is a somewhat lazy (during the day) and isn't too dedicated to school. She also gets into fights easily, but only with a select few people, particularly he-who-has-not-yet-been-named, since she ignores pretty much everyone else, and has a not too secret crush on Apollo. Because she is the moon goddess, she is best friends with Artemis. Artemis is technically the ‘Greek’ goddess Artemis, (but is not related to Greek mythology… if that makes any sense.)
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