Retaining nothing... Picture

'Retaining nothing but former beauty...'

Actually did this piece at school for current folio, 'People in the environment.' As I have always been interested in mythology, I choose to use Daphne and Apollo as my starting point.
So here we have Daphne changing into the Laurel tree.
My figures always tend to be elongated, but this one I tried to make it a bit more 'Botticelli', ie lovely and soft. Still managed to make it very thin though... She also has a ridiculously small foot...
The background, I feel, could've had alot more work done to it, but it was a time issue, we only had 6 weeks to complete the folio. I may add to it when I have time.
The real piece is 60x180cm, the largest that I have ever worked on. Actually had to put 2 canvases together, as I was not going to shell out $130 for a canvas that size. So, I have a very annoying line across the middle. (I fixed that up in photoshop, as well as adjusted the colours, which came out slightly wrong when I took the photo.)
Tis acrylic on canvas.
I haven't marked it as mature content, but please tell me if it needs to be marked so.
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