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Whoah! It was boooooriiiing x.x
But drawing it was so nice.
1.sketches from sculptures. We just layed on grass and drew whatever. Booooriiiing.
2.Once of new OC, just continue.
3. I dunno. I think it's a girl.
4.Becouse i was listening to 'Na Na Na' My Chemical Romance.
5.'McAron' Seriously, I must stop being such a stupid person.
6. Boy.
7.Ugly Girl.
8.Next Boy. I drew it a year ago! Wow...
9.Mmana- Oc?
10.'My God- me as w.i.t.c.h. >n<
11.Unfinished Steven Adler.
12. Górka as Apollo.
13.Lola. 'right-hand traffic on the road? Fuck it, I'm a princess!'
14.Vicena Vinona
15. Another OC. It's in the same story as #2.
16.Dunno, but i'm still a little bit scared of it.
17.' Friendship in mythology' Comic: 1) Pans, however,are ugly. 2)if I were such a, I do not know, cherubs, or frog. 3) But N O ! I'm just a Ugly Pan!'
18. Just my 2 friends, continue.
19.Serrena X
20.Seba! Sebybooooooy! Love it <3
23.Mmana again.
24.Comic: 'What if Sebasrian played the role of Bella Swan in Twilight'
25.Parys & Hellena
26.How i feel in friendship.
27.Romeo and Juliet. Hm, i mean: Dyms and her husband, but Romeo is nice too.
28.Seba again! Love him, his such a sucker for punishment. Heh, is that corect? OnO
29.Unique and unrepeatable: Sebastian Bója
30.Comic: Seba's loneliness
31.That girl which was in #2
32.That ScaryBoy
33.Dyms on Biology and Chemistry specialization.

Boże, jestem takim kaleką w życiu i angielskim. No uchowaj po prostu...
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