Like a creeper Picture

Because the only type of adult that walks alone in and outside of a park is a creeper, unless their jogging, then they'd be the dead lady that was on the news a few years back.

This is one of my characters from my shitty webcomic ([link]) that I haven't been able to update yet, though he won't be appearing till the end of the first chapter, and this is a later on rendition? of him when he's in his mid twenties or so. I'm still trying to work out his design, I have the personality down, but I'm still having some issues with his appearance as far as hair and nose... I know I want him to have curly hair and a to have more of an elongated nose, but I'm just not sure about the type (Like the type of curly and if I want to nose thin or not)... Actually I think the whole issue is that I just really don't want him to look like my ex, which my ex had curly/frizzy hair and a big long nose, I personally think the characters better looking and he certainly takes much better care of his appearance, but I don't really don't want to hear it from the people that have seen him (Especially after my stepfather making comparative jokes that I'm just as much of a slob he is for being to tired to put the sheets on my bed the night before) so I'm still going to be working on it.

Anyways this was just a sort of quick drawing to start getting back into colouring things again, and to see how this character looks with the colour scheme I wanted him to have, it doesn't look too bad so I'll probably stick with the colours. Though I'm sorry the colour of the picture itself looks terrible, I haven't coloured anything in ages.

Oh yeah! Also this characters name is Apollo, his parents were really into mythology before they died, but he certainly wouldn't know or care about that he just knows his names cool like he is.
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