Hyacinth Goddesses Sketch Picture

Eeeeeehhhhh... just a sketch.

These are some characters of mine that I've based loosely off of Greek Mythology, namely the Greek Gods Apollo and Zephyr, and some random guy named Hyakinthos. There's a legend surrounding the three of them that I rather enjoyed reading about, and so I began mulling over a story in my head.

My rather small and undeveloped story is actually a modern day fantasy sort of thing, this pic is kind of a representative illustration of their powers and personalities as opposed to, like, a literal scene from the story.

Oh, and you may notice I switched the genders.

Nothing against guys (or gay guys ROFL) but for some reason I just couldn't design the characters as guys. Somehow they came so much more easily to me as women... so there you go. XD Some Lesbian action instead.

And if you're immensely confused as to what I'm talking about, go look up the legend of Hyakinthos... it's actually rather sad, but I liked it nonetheless.

Anyway. I do hope to finish this, and if I can do a good enough job, I'd like to make prints of it and sell it along side my other more spiritual work (since there is a lot of mythology and symbolism in the pic, I figure it fits) and I already did that with another one of my pics that had my original characters in it, and it actually sold, so I'm feeling encouraged to put my characters and my more anime-styled work out there. A good majority of UUs are of the older generations (and therefore most probably have no idea what anime even is), but amongst the younger UUs there's quite a few anime fans. 8D




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