Wisdom Picture

My baby! I think this picture turned out really well. It's also my wallpaper on my computer. It's soothing to see his face, since I don't get to see him much. He's always been my true love.

His mother literally showed up on our doorstep as a kitten. Wild. I started feeding her and tamed her up a lot. She was really smart. Then one day she had four little boy kittens and she left. I was going through a serious obsession with Greek mythology, so I named the boys Apollo, Ares, Zues, and Hermes. They were all outside cats, fixed but clawed of course. I think Apollo broke his hip somehow and I re-named him Hephaestus, but always called him Gimp. Gimp is the last of my boys left and was always the closest to my heart.

Zues was the first to go. He was hit by a car. Then, not long after, Ares disappeared. Hermes was the most recent and I still have not come to terms with the fact that he's gone. Neither has Gimp. We're one in the same I guess. I need him. :3

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