Praetorian Colors2 Picture

I always wanted to see more paragon archetypes (strength, invulnerability, flight, speed -- like Superman or Apollo) carry weapons. If I had paragon class powers I'd grab whatever weapon I wanted to A) ensure I kick the shit out of the next paragon-class villain the writers are throwing my away and B) do it as efficiently as possible so i can save money on dry cleaning and spend more time at home drawing. That's where this fella came in: certainly not as strong as other paragons, but still an ass-slapper who can fly and has super speed and invulnerability, maybe even radioactive vision so he can give his enemies testicular cancer or something.

But the important part was to get him some weapons. Superman has his menagerie of aliens and Praetorian here -- being a soldier before he got his powers anyway -- has an armory to draw from full of exotic stuff. So that sword he's holding could be Fragarach 'The Retaliator,' sword of Manannan mac Lir before Lugh Lamfada before Cuchulainn and on to Conn of the Hundred Battles (I'm not making this stuff up: Celtic mythology is the bomb). The sword was said to force anyone to tell the truth and cause a wound from which no man could heal (amongst other things). Imagine Apollo using a sword like that all day long.

Then I gave Praetorian a big mamma laser roscoe (a roscoe is a generic word for a pistol -- someone else asked where the dog was in the picture) that looks like it could should through schools. Ranged weapons are always smart but super breath and heat vision never seem to work out well. A laser that fires with enough heat to melt a Buick in one shot? Alright, I'll put that on my hip.

Now the only problem I have is what color to go with. What do y'all think?

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