There was a Boom Picture

THE SCIENCE AND HEALTH TWINS HAVE ARRIVED. Look at their adorableness <3 Bask in it! XD Alright~ description time~
These two are Mu (math word) Elements and Apollo (Greek god of medicine). Backstory? backstory.

Mu and Apollo are twins born from their mother Mrs. Math and father History Tales. They are very curious ponies, and went against their mom's words to dally in the health and science words. They both have delightful intentions, though Mu is a bit more immature. Both were actually born earth ponies, but science is the reason they are alicorns. This scientific accident caused Celestia great concern, and immediately requested them to come to her castle. Upon arrival, they were made to sign a contract, or face exile. Loving Celestia anyhow, they signed but were forbidden to stay at the castle. Instead, they only work there during the day. Which is where they met Fantasy and both hit head over hooves for her. But know it's one or the other, or neither of them.

Mu Elements is a childish, but playful pony. He is always playing around and dally with increasingly dangerous elements. Even finding new elements to add to the table. He loves a good thrill, and has always wanted to do drastic experiments. He is all about medicine, but less about applying it than studying it. Usually, his experiments blow up in his brother's face, explaining Apollo's double tail.

Apollo is more a mature, careful pony. He more enjoys being a doctor, and applying science to the real world. Books are his friends, but he is very best friends with his brother. Both of them love each other, but he wants to protect Mu from blowing up anyone. Apollo is also very in depth about Greek Mythology.
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