The Centre of the World Picture

The awesomeness that is Delphi, which was the religious centre of classical Greece. There's actually a rock there, well, not a rock, a stone that has been carved into a teardrop shape, that is said to be the navel of the universe, or the centre. Apparently Apollo let two birds loose to see where they would meet and they met over Delphi.

The ancient Greeks chose this spot for their Oracle, the woman who they thought Apollo spoke through. These priestesses influenced the actions and ideas of ancient Greece for almost 1000 years. (They were really inhaling poisonous fumes in the basement of the temple and then just spewing out nonsense, but you know how religion is.)

I love this shot because it shows how something built by mankind can just sort of blend into the natural elements and after almost 3000 years look like it has always been there, from the beginning of time. I also enjoy the contrast between the ancient structures and the modern women (Beth and Aimee) in bright colours and blue jeans.

Behind them you can see the remains of the treasuries where they kept the offerings to Apollo (ie: gold and the like) and the newer Roman columns and Christian crosses in front of the treasuries. Histories, religions, cultures, and eras have overlapped at this site. That's one of the reasons why I think it's so amazing.
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