Sibling Rivalry Picture

Apollo teasing his little lover Ailouroeidis, and Artemis on the upper left corner there envying Apollo. Not because she wants Ailouroeidis as a lover, but rather more on the fact that Artemis wants her little kitten friend to spend more time with her instead of her too-care-free of a brother. Oh, sibling rivalry~

I understand it looks like Artemis looks like she has horns on her head, but I couldn't think of a good way to draw the twins so I pay tribute to George O'Connor for making their designs > x <

Ailouroeidis, being a goddess of cats, does have certain quirks that make it a little more obvious as to why she became the goddess of wild felines. When she gets excited, the hair on the side of her head kind of has a static-effect where they spring out and look like cat ears whenever she gets excited in the flustered sort of way. Instead of looking like Sand Cat ears, though, I thought that Scottish-Fold ears better suited her docile nature so I chose those to be her kitty-ears, instead.

Divine Twins Character Designs (c) George O'Connor
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