I Am Crow Picture

Oh look another #ContestGroup entry XD

Group: #ContestGroup
Contest: the Nature Theme
Topics: "If I was an Animal"
Journal: [link]

Okay this is another entry into the #ContestGroup's contests they're holding, this time it's the nature theme. Now the topic is "If I was an Animal" and I was like...duh I'll be a Crow. But let me tell ya a story of how I've decided it. You wouldn't believe but...I like to blame Teen Titans for making me choose it XD

When Teen Titans came out on Cartoon Network, I was like THIS IS SO COOL and then I saw Raven and fell in love with her character. So then I thought "what if there was a male counterpart of her?" so that's when I created Crow, my Teen Titans OC, he'll have all the powers of Raven except be telepathic instead of empathic.

Then when I was going into High School I came up with the idea of creating a comic book featuring my friends, that's when I created my actual Original Character, Joshua Namanaka who has a Guardian Animal as a crow. Then as my comic turned into a book series, the main character that I base on myself ALWAYS HAS A CROW GUARDIAN SPIRIT XD

That's when I decided to make the Crow as my animal persona. I mean it fits: I like to fly as means for breaking out of my "cage", I like the color black, crows are so misunderstood as am I. Also I did some research into the mythology concerning the Crow and it's the Eyes and Ears of Odin, Prophets of Apollo, the Creator of Man, and the trickster that brought Light to the World. So that's cool huh ^_^

Also the Crow is related to the Raven so that's cool too
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