GMF Welcome Event Picture

for Greek Mythology Family welcome event.
oh and the background's like she's somewhere near the war scene and she's just chillin' and theres ash and fire and stuff.

bet most of you havent heard of her before
so she's no god, but she played some big role in the Trojan War. her role was pretty big cause like shes the reason why achilles decided not to attack greece and she did a lot more but its too long. her family got murdered by Achilles, then got kidnapped and got depressed. and then she got close to him and you know king agamemnom? apollo made him let go of some lady so for compensation, he wanted briseis. so apollo snatched her away and brought her there. and achilles gets mad cause the thinks the king bleeped her but they didnt and they sorta confess in their own ways and apollo got all soft and let them be and happily ever after. THE END the way i put it prob doesnt make sense but frick it

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